Respectability courtesy of Joe Kroboth

Book and photos courtesy of Joe Kroboth

Respectability, Its Rise and Remedy

by Fra Elbertus (Elbert Hubbard), 1905

This book measures 7 3/4" x 5 7/8" and has 122 pages. The text body is in Bookman, printed in two colors on Ruisdael paper.  The binding variants of this book are as follows. The regular edition was bound is suede, 107 copies were bound 3/4 Levant and printed on Japan vellum. Two copies were bound in hand tooled full Levant and encased in hand carved mahogany boxes trimmed in copper. Interestingly, although pictured in McKenna's bibliography, he makes no reference to the modeled leather binding seen above in the description of Respectability.

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