Rip Van Winkle courtesy of Al Sleeper

Book and pictures courtesy of Alburn Sleeper, "The Aurora Silversmith"

 Rip Van Winkle

by Washington Irving, 1905

#26 of 100

The book measures 7 7/8" x4 5/8" and has 48 pages. The text body is done in Old Style Antiqua and was printed on  in 3 colors on Japan vellum. The binding variants of this book are 3/4 leather edition of 100 copies printed on Japan vellum (seen above), suede bound printed on Holland hand made Roycroft watermarked paper, edition of 50 copies bound in modeled calf and a paper over boards with suede spine variant that is not listed in McKenna. Dard Hunter designed the initials and title page.

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