A Catalog of The Roycrofters

Book and commentary courtesy of Paul Jackson

A Catalog of The Roycrofters

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This catalogue measures 8" x 6" and has 26 pages plus a 14 page insert A Little Journey to East Aurora and 16 pages of unnumbered pictures of the Campus, Roycrofters and books. Additionally there are 8 mottos that are unnumbered, a two page greeting, the tile page, and a page with a poem for a total of 70 pages. The Poem is by James Whitcomb Riley and reads as follows:

Where smooth the Roycroft presses grind,

Their virgin hand-wrought reams of snow

To russet chamois, silken lined,

Unrivaled volumes marked as low

As two dollars per copy --no

Pelf-yanking parsimony yet

May bold the ducats I let go

For Aucassin and Nicolette.

Note: Cover and several mottoes designed by Dard Hunter.

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