The Roycroft School of Life For Boys

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Booklet pictures and description courtesy of Robert Rust.

The Roycroft School of Life for Boys

by Elbert Hubbard, 1911.  Title page design by Dard Hunter.

This booklet has 14 pages and measures 9 1/4" X 7 1/4". It was printed in two colors, brown and blue on Roycroft watermarked laid paper. It looks like a backwards DH on Cover, but I think it is someone else. [[DR. DHR.]] I really am not sure. Does anyone know for sure or have ideas on who designed the cover? Also the Title page does have a design with the DH intact on bottom right corner. The booklet includes eight half-tones of the Campus (the same as were in the 1907 Book of the Roycrofters). They are Emerson Walk, Roycroft Chapel, A Writing Room, Art Gallery, Furniture Shop, "Birdeye Maple Inn Room", The Well and St. Peter's Gate.

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