The Rubayait courtesy of Joe Sheldon

Book and pictures courtesy of Joe Sheldon. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


 Note: #xx of 103

This book measures 7" x 6" and has 76 pages. The text body is set in Cheltenham and the limited edition of 103, depicted above, was  printed on Imperial Japan Vellum and bound either in 3/4 or full leather. The regular edition was printed in seven colors on Ruisdael paper and bound in suede. For both editions, the title page and text initials were designed by W. W. Denslow and were first used in the September 10 1899 Rubaiyat, McKenna #50.The title page and colophon seen above although Denslow designed were modified for the square format of this book by John Comstock. These designs are both taller and narrower than the Denslow originals and lack his seahorse signature as seen in the 1899 design. The sea horse which was located below and between the K and h in Khayyam has been replaced with the ornamental descender on the K as seen above. The tailpiece or colophon as seen above was not used in the 1899 edition and is a new design utilizing the Art Nouveau ornaments designed by Denslow.

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