Ruskin and Turner courtesy of David Hricik

RUSKIN AND TURNER 1896 Illuminator unknown
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Pictures courtesy of David Hricik, founder Roycroft E-Group.

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Ruskin and Turner

by Elbert Hubbard, 1896

This book measures 10" x 7 3/4" and has 53 pages. The text body is set in Old Style Antiqua and 473 copies were printed on Whatman handmade paper and bound in paper over boards with a white buckram spine or bound in suede with cloth ties. Twenty six copies were printed on Whatman, hand illuminated by Bertha Hubbard, and bound in a crushed Levant binding or paper over boards. Both editions illustrated with photogravures of Turner's work on vellum and numbered and signed in Hubbard's name.

The first mention that I have found of this book other than the prospectus, was is the October 1896 Philistine which states, "We are printing four hundred copies on Japan Vellum of Mr. Hubbard's Essay on the artist, Turner. The book will contain 12 full page photogravures from negatives taken especially for us from the National Gallery at London. Bound in classic limp vellum, tied with tapes; price, Five dollar per copy, Ready November 1st." The November 1896 Philistine ad is very similar with the exception that we have once again backed off the Japan Vellum and are now stating it will be printed on hand made paper, and it is the Ruskin-Turner Essay vice the Turner essay. It further states that 20 copies will specially illumined by Bertha C Hubbard and the cost for those will be $10.00. In the February 1897 Philistine it states that 26 copies were specially illumined by Bertha Hubbard and that all were sold at $10.00 and the paper is finally specified as Whatman for the regular edition. The regular edition of this book was also listed in the 1899 catalog and sold for $5.00

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