Silver Wings

Book courtesy of Richard Blacher. Pictures and comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Silver Wings
And Other Gems of Thought and Verse

by Mrs. E. Arhcer-Burton, 1920

This book measures 9" x 6" and has 59 pages plus an errata sheet. The book above is another one of the vanity printings that came out of the Roycroft Shops. The Roycroft in later years did not only vanity press items but contract binding as well. The binding is stiff paper and string ties. Interestingly, McKenna states that the only Roycroft book with an errata sheet is On The Heights an 1897 book  by Lucien Foote. Silver Wings above has an errata sheet and I believe there is one other on book this site with an errata sheet but I don't remember which one it is. The book above is not listed in McKenna.

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