The 2006 Roycrofters of America Caricature Book

Roycrofters' Rogues Gallery Initial Page
Roycrofters' Rogues Gallery Initial Page 2
"The Roycroft Jolly Jokers"

Roycroft printed many different editions of The Clubmen in Caricature books during it's history and we, Stephen and Paulette Modiano the prime movers, Paul Jackson, Ron Soloway, and George Look conspired and created along with the help of 35 fellow Roycroft enthusiasts a new one for the Roycroft Collectors of today. This noble project had about 40 participants and was to say the least a smashing success at the Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC. The intent of this Caricature Book was to have fun and immortalize the "FACES" of Roycroft today and it certainly exceeded our humble initial expectations. So Hats off to all who participated and a SPECIAL THANKS to Stephen and Paulette Modiano who made it a reality!

I believe I have everyone's picture up. If your picture is not up yet please let me know! :)

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