The Whisper courtesy of Robert Rust

Pictures courtesy of Robert Rust. Commentary by Paul Jackson.

The Whisper: A Magazine of Brief Practical Suggestions for Bookbinders

by Louis Herman Kinder


Original prospectuses for The Whisper indicate that Kinder intended to publish five volumes over a 5 year period. Each volume was to be comprised of 12 monthly issues. Due to slow sales, only 12 monthly editions (one volume) of The Whisper were printed. The twelve issues produced were from June 1901 until May 1902. The price per volume was to be $5.00 paid in advance and it appears many bookbinders were hesitant to pay this amount in advance for information that they may or may not use.

The magazine/periodical was published by Kinder himself, with payments directed to his wife, Julia Metzer Kinder. Like other Roycrofters, he had his own cottage industry on the side. The book itself was printed by Advertiser Print in East Aurora in an edition of 400. According to Richard Wolfe and Paul McKenna's Kinder book, the first 12 issues dealt with glues, glare, edge gilding, bole preparation, etc. On page 181 of volume #1, Kinder noted that this volume would be the only volume produced. He further stated that the rest of his formulas would be issued as a book entitled Kinder's Formulas for Book-Binders.

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