Thomas Jefferson

Book courtesy of Stephen and Paulette Modiano. Comments by Paul Jackson.

Thomas Jefferson, A Little Journey and An Address

by Elbert Hubbard and John J. Lentz, 1906

Limited Edition of 5

The book  measures 8" x 5 1/2" and has 105 pages. The body of the text is set in Scotch Roman. The book was printed on Italian Roycroft marked handmade paper (probably Fabriano paper). The book above was bound in suede and limited to 5 copies. These 5 books were bound by Anna Reynolds Poston. This limited edition of 5 is not noted in McKenna but it is almost identical to the regular unlimited suede edition with the exception of the limitation statement and a slight variation in the suede binding. This book was also bound in 3/4 leather and printed on Japan Vellum in a limited edition of 67. McKenna notes a limited edition of 50 bound in 3/4 leather but I have not seen one.

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