In The Track of The Book-Worm

Book courtesy of Richard Blacher. Pictures and comment courtesy of Paul Jackson.

In The Track of the Book-Worm

by Irving Browne, 1897

Binding executed by Helen Ward of The Guild of Women Binders in 1898

This book measures 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" and has 135 pages. The text body is set in Old Style Antique and 590 copies were printed on Boxmoor paper. The edition of 590 seen above has been found bound in paper over boards and full Levant. This non-Roycroft binding was executed by the Guild of Women Binders. There was also an edition of  25 printed on Whatman paper and hand illumined. All known copies of the edition of 25 were bound in paper over boards with an illuminated title page and initials. Additionally, the edition of 25 has extra illumined pages and vignettes. McKenna states that all copies were numbered and signed in Elbert Hubbard's hand. The edition above was numbered and signed by the author, Irving Brown.
This book was advertised in the June 1897 Philistine. The add stated 500 copies would be printed on Dickinson paper and bound in antique boards for $2.00 each and 25 copies would be printed on Whatman paper with special illuminations for $5.00 each.

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