Upland Pastures

Book courtesy of Richard Blacher. Pictures and comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.
Upland Pastures

by Adeline Knapp, 1897

#5 of 40 Presentation copy to Michael Monahan
Illumined By Bertha Crawford Hubbard

The book measures 8" x  5" and has 61 pages. The body of the text is Old Style Antiqua and was printed in two colors on Ruisdael Paper, the title page is  Vellum. The book was printed in an edition of 600. All copies were numbered and signed by or for Elbert Hubbard. There were 40 copies printed on Japan Vellum and hand illumined by Bertha Hubbard as seen above. The regular binding shown here was paper over boards. Some copies were made in 3/4  and full Levant. The regular copies were hand illuminated by the Roycroft workers.
Upland Pastures was first advertised in the April 1897 Philistine. The ad stated that 500 copies would be printed on Dickinson paper and bound in antique boards for the price of $2.00 and 40 copies would be printed on Japan Vellum and illumined by Bertha Hubbard at the price of $5.00. This book is listed in the 1899 catalog and sold for $2.00

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