An American Bible courtesy of Dick Poedtke

Frederick Kranz' signature on cover.

Scans courtesy of Dick Poedtke

An American Bible

 by Alice Hubbard, 1912

Binding by Frederick Kranz

This book was measures 10" x  7 1/2" and has 328 pages.  The text body in set in Bookman and printed in two colors on Strathmore paper.  This edition shown above, is bound in full leather. The binding variants on this book are numerous. It was bound in modeled leather, flexible leather, flexible leather gold stamped, full leather gold stamped, full leather with Frederick Kranz' initials, 3/4 leather and marble board and marbled paper over boards with a leather spine. The binding above is believed to be Pigskin over stiff boards. The decorations in this edition differ from the 1911 edition and  although unsigned, are believed to be by Dard Hunter. Title pages are the same in both the 1911 and the 1912 editions.

I think it was David Ogle who wrote this.

"I saw this in a display case at a San Francisco book fair in 1997. I trembled when I asked if a could see it. The seller told me the price. I hesitated and said let me think about it. Still trembling as I started to walk away, I took three steps, swirled around and said, I'LL TAKE IT!!!. Still trembling, I left the show and immediately took it to my car for safe keeping." Dick, thanks for the great book and story! 

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