The King of The Golden River

The King of the Golden River

by John Ruskin, 1900
This book measures 7 7/8" x  5 3/4" and has 75 pages. The text body was set in Caslon Old Style. The regular edition (seen above) and the specially illumined edition of 350 were printed on Boxmoor paper. Most of the books in all editions were bound in suede. The edition of 350 is suede with a wallet edge and some of the edition of 40 were bound in full Levant and probably 3/4 Levant also. The limited edition of 40 was printed on Imperial Japan Vellum.

The edition of 40 printed on Japan vellum (probably bound in suede) sold for $10.00 in the 1900 catalog. No mention is made of the full Levant edition. The 1901 catalog lists an edition deluxe at $20.00, but I doubt it was in this Kinder binding. The 1902 catalog lists a 3/4 Levant bound Golden River for $20.00. The 1903 catalog lists a full Levant King of the Golden River for  $50.00

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