Hollyhocks and Goldenglow

Book, pictures and note courtesy of Stephen & Paulette Modiano. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Hollyhocks and Goldenglow

 by Elbert Hubbard, 1912
binding by Lorenz Schwartz

This book measures 7 3/8" x  5 1/4" and has 158 pages.  The text body is set in Scotch Roman printed on Strathmore paper in four colors. The full Levant binding was executed by Lorenz Schwartz. The only other 4 color variant known was bound in a stiff variegated stamped leather binding and is in the Elbert Hubbard Museum in the Scheidemantel house in East Aurora NY. Neither of these book variants has a limitation statement or is listed in McKenna.
The regular edition and the edition of 1000 were both bound in stamped flexible leather with the text body in set in Scotch Roman and printed on Strathmore paper in two colors. The title page, running heads, tailpieces and initial designs although unsigned are believed to be by Dard Hunter.

Note:  The delighted present owner of this book feels that the library markings (flyleaf page embossing of library name, pocket card, return date slip) add an interesting conversational debate to the finer points of this individual copy, acknowledging that library markings of any kind are usually a detraction to an important book. This book asks the bibliophile to consider what happened at that critical moment when it was to go into library circulation.  There are no names of anyone ever checking out this copy and no dates stamped on when to return  it. It is possible that some educator, most likely the head librarian saw that this book was prepared to be entered into circulation and immediately put a stop to it.  The beauty and craftsmanship of this variant whispers to  the beholder, "Handle me with care."  Another interesting side note, the Jones Library in Amherst, Mass. lists on their website about twenty Roycroft books; of the twenty, one is a Hollyhocks and Goldenglow in the edition of 1000 with a stamped leather cover.

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