Ye Tragedy of King Lear courtesy of Alburn Sleeper

Book and pictures courtesy of Alburn Sleeper, "The Aurora Silversmith"

Ye Tragedy of King Lear

by William Shakespeare, 1904

#5 of 18

The book  measures 10 5/8" x 8 1/4" and is bound in paper over boards. The text body is in Scotch Roman, printed on fragile Manila or Kraft Paper pages. It is #5 of 18 and not listed in McKenna's Bibliography of the Roycroft Press. This book was produced for "Ye Merry Roycrofters Dramatic Club Members". This book appears very similar to McKenna #101 but the cover of this edition reads YE TRAGEDY OF KING LEAR AS WRITTEN BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE AND DONE INTO A BOOK BY YE MERRY ROYROFTERS FOR YE DRAMATIC CLUB. McKenna #101 cover reads, KING LEAR AS WRITTEN BY W. SHAKESPEARE AND DONE INTO A BOOK BY YE MERRY ROYCROFTERS FOR YE DRAMATIC CLUB. Both McKenna #101 and this edition were produced in editions of 18. Additionally McKenna #101 has a suede backstop which this particular book does not.

There is a play house theater in Hamlin Park about 2 blocks from the Roycroft Campus. It was used by Hubbard for speaking engagements and is presently used by the Aurora Players. It is one of, if not the oldest, community theater in the country. At one time Hubbard owned the theatre and this book may have been made for the players there. (Thanks Al for this Great bit of history!) Paul

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