A Lodging For The Night

Book and pictures courtesy of Boice Lydell. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

A Lodging For the Night

by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1902

This book measures 7 3/4" x 5" and has 44 pages. The text body is set in Bruce Roman with regular edition printed on Roycroft watermarked handmade paper with a suede binding. A limited edition of 100 was bound 3/4 Levant, printed on Japan Vellum, and hand illuminated. Additionally, some copies of this title were bound full Levant.
The book above is an undocumented wallet edge binding variant that is not listed in McKenna. It was printed on Roycroft watermarked paper and the title page and running heads were hand illumined. Typically, Roycroft wallet edge suede bindings were limited editions of 350 and sometimes 100 or 50 but the book above has no limitation statement and is the only one I have seen.

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