Ye Ancient Mariner

Original box. On the right hand side of box (very hard to see here) it says Special.

Book, pictures and comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.

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Ye Rime of Ye Ancient Mariner


#107 of 400

This book measures 9" x 6" and has 101 pages. The text body is set in Caslon Old Style. The majority of these books were bound in decorated or blind stamped suede with 910 copies printed in three colors on handmade watermaked paper. The initials and simulated woodcuts were designed by W. W. Denslow.  The book above is from the edition 400 copies that were specially illumined. Additionally forty copies were printed on Japan Vellum and bound in either 3/4 or full Levant that were specially illumined. The suede bound edition had several cover variants. McKenna states that at least 2 copies were known to be bound in full Levant. I know there were more than that as I have three full Levant editions displayed on this site alone. One is from the edition of forty on Japan Vellum and two are  the regular edition on handmade paper. This book is listed in the 1899 catalog and sold for $5.00

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