On Going to Church

Photos and notes courtesy of Dick Blacher. Comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.

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On Going to Church

by George Bernard Shaw, 1896

#11 of 26, Illustrations by Bertha Crawford Hubbard

 Full Levant intarsia binding. Limited edition of 26 copies on Japan Vellum. The binding depicted above is unsigned, but is believed to be by Harry Avery.

Note: Harry Avery was among the first of Kinder's students, I've found very little information about his life. His particular forte as a binder was the use of inlays. Unlike Dick Wolfe in his book on Kinder and Dave Ogle in his forthcoming book on the Roycroft, On a High Shelf, I feel strongly that Avery's bindings are among the very best and most sophisticated produced at the Roycroft Shop. Notice the use of inlays in this binding.

Comment: September 1896 Philistine also calls for the book to be on "Tokyo Vellum" with water colors by Bertha Hubbard. This book was printed on Japan Vellum and the illustrations definitely appear to be by Bertha Crawford Hubbard. Additionally the September 1896 Philistine calls for this book to have been bound in "Genuine Vellum" i.e. A fine parchment made from unsplit calfskin, lambskin, or kidskin and used for the pages and binding of books. I have volumes #3 and 4 of this edition on the website bound in vellum with W. W. Denslow illustrations.

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