Poor Richard's Almanac

Pictures courtesy of Dick Blacher. Description by Paul Jackson.

Poor Richard's Almanac

by Benjamin Franklin, 1924

A Little Journey to the Home of Benjamin Franklin

by Elbert Hubbard, 1924

Edition #14 of 20

In the 1920's Elbert Hubbard II started reprinting editions of a few earlier issued Roycroft books. We know a few of these were made in very limited editions and were bound in 3/4 Levant such as Liberty of Man Woman and Child in 1924. The limited edition above is printed on Japan Vellum and listed as an edition of 20.The book measures approx. 8" x 6" and has 110 pages. We had previously seen an unbound edition of 20 unnumbered which posed the question, did any of these ever get bound and sold? We now have the answer to that question! So we have another nice item for the avid Roycroft collector to begin searching for!

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