Song of Songs courtesy of Stephen & Paulette Modiano

Pictures are courtesy of Stephen and Paulette Modiano.

The Complete Song of Songs
Which is Solomon's
By The Roycroft Printing Shop
A deluxe housing for the Roycroft's first book.
Proud owners: Stephen and Paulette  Modiano at Dreamhaven; Where Roycroft books long to be.

This collection of The Roycroft Printing Shop's first book "The Song of Songs" offers collectors
the chance to see all variants in one deluxe clamshell box. This labor of love was assembled by the owners over
a period of about seven years. The housing made in 1998, is designed as a double clamshell box with an inside fold
over cover to house both variants of the book and the first true printing of this title as it appears in the Dec.1895 Philistine.
The fold over is lined in a beige cloth cover. All other surfaces are Roycroft marbled paper except the spine. The spine
is Moroccan leather in a red wine color with a rich green leather title label. These colors harmonize with the red and green marbled paper. The spine has four raised bands and gilt ornamental devices, the same devices that are used on the title page of the book. The clamshell was designed by the Papuchyan brothers of H & H Bindery of Glendale California. The owners collaborated on its design and supplied the original Roycroft marbled paper. It has been the goal of the owners to give some provenance to what they hope will be viewed as a well thought out representation of the press. This process continues, with the idea, that the best books in their collection are given extraordinary housings to show loving care and pride of ownership.

1. The Song of Songs which is Solomon's #98 of 600 printed on Ruisdale hand-woven paper January 1896 and signed by Elbert Hubbard on the limitation page. The two-color title page is hand lettered and signed by Bertha C. Hubbard. It is printed in red and black and embellished with Kelmscott initials. This copy is in near fine condition with no foxing and some minor wear to the corners. To find a copy in this condition is uncommon.

2. The Song of Songs which is Solomon's #5 of 12 printed on Japan vellum in January 1896. This variant is considered the rarest book of the press and there are approimately five known copies existent of  the 12 printed. The book is in very good plus condition with no foxing. It is signed and inscribed by Elbert Hubbard to a Mr. G. Gils. The layout and color is the same as the 600 edition.

3. The Dec.1895 edition of the Philistine is in a red colored cover and is the only issue to have a deep red color over the 20 year run. This copy, printed one month prior to the first book, has in its issue The Song of Songs. This little tidbit is not widely known to be the true first showing of this title. The booklet is laid into a coffin compartment in the clamshell and neatly tucked out of sight. This ephemera item is considered quite scarce.

4. The prospectus of The Song of Songs printed prior to the book, is a four page advertisement with a facsimile of the frontispiece printed in red and black. This ephemera item is considered rare. It is in very good condition and it is laid into the clamshell to complete Dreamhaven's Song of Songs by the Roycroft Printing Shop.

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